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Let's create your teen’s perfect path to college without all the stress and worry!


If you’re like most parents, the whole college admissions thing just stresses you out.


It’s easy to approach the process from a place of fear, especially if you are NEW to embarking on this journey with your very first child.

You just don’t know what you don’t know and that’s the hardest part of all.

There is so much misinformation, that with an untrained eye, how would you ever differentiate between what’s the truth and what is straight up fiction?!



The college admissions process doesn’t need to feel so complicated.

It doesn’t need to feel so overwhelming.

And it definitely does not need to add undue stress on your teen and family.

Don’t spend another minute worrying & second-guessing whether or not your teen is doing the right things to open the most doors to college admission.


It all starts September 30th.

I am going to teach you everything you need to know and be on the lookout for when it comes to college admission.

I’ll gradually pace you through my carefully crafted online course.


There are 5 college admission modules, each containing approximately 60-90 minutes of video content and about 30 minutes of optional activities for self-reflection or to encourage “college talk” with your teen. Everything is easily accessible in a beautifully designed course platform you log into from your computer or phone!

You have the option to follow the pacing schedule I suggest for our group OR do it at your own pace! My recommended schedule suggests one hour a week over the course of 10 weeks!

Nice and easy folks!

You'll also be invited to engage with me & members of our community in 3 group coaching calls & our private The Admissions Formula Members Only Facebook group.

Not a fan of Facebook? No prob. Bring your Q's to our group calls and we'll get you squared away!

If any college admissions stuff comes up for you or your teen, you get direct access to Ask Me Anything in our group!

Every question you have gets answered & you'll learn where to find exactly what you need.

Here's our schedule:

Course runs September 30th to December 9th

  • Upon registration, you'll get immediate access to the introductory Module 0 in your online classroom
  • Week 1: Module 1 is released on September 30th + FB Live Session Intro in our private group (ALWAYS recorded)
  • Week 2: Module 2 is released
  • Week 3: Catch Up/Reflect + Zoom Group Coaching Call #1
  • Week 4: Module 3 is released
  • Week 5: Module 4 is released
  • Week 6: Catch up/Reflect + Zoom Group Coaching Call #2
  • Week 7: Module 5 is released
  • Week 8/9: Catch Up/Reflect
  • Week 10: Final Zoom Group Coaching Call

REMINDER: Members will have access for 12 months until 09/30/2023

I am going to help you troubleshoot before there’s even trouble to shoot.

All of my behind the scenes secrets that I’ve seen first-hand through my 28 years of experience in the business of college admission are yours for the taking.

You're going to be the most informed parent & immediately feel a sense of relief knowing you've got me on your side to help design the perfect college admissions plan for and with your teen.



In Their Words

What parents say about The Admissions Formula

The Admissions Formula is a combination of my best college admissions practices and the secrets I've used with students & parents over the last two decades.

It's going to completely transform how you engage with your teen in middle and/or high school, as crucial decisions are being made that will ultimately affect college options.

It's time to get on the same page with your teen!



12 Months of Access to The Admissions Formula Online Course (expires 9/30/23)

Exclusive Personalized Q&A in our Private Facebook Community

65 Engaging Video Lessons within 5 Modules (Press play & pause on your schedule!)

3 Group Coaching Calls with Lisa McLaughlin for Q&A

The Admissions Formula Workbook

Detailed tutorials that show you step by step how to build the perfect college list

Peace of Mind!

Want a sneak peak of what's inside?


Let's Talk Details

Here's What's Covered

Setting the Foundation

In Module 1, Setting the Foundation, you will:

  • Identify what you believe will be the most challenging aspects of the process
  • Discover what it takes to have really connected conversations with your teen & begin engaging in positive college talk to get your teen excited about the future
  • Dig into your own beliefs and values about education, where they came from, and how your own personal experience shapes your perspective(and that of your teen!)
  • Craft a values statement that will serve as your calm guide throughout the entire process
  • And so much more!

Your Admissions Timeline

In Module 2: Your Admissions Timeline, you will:

  • Learn about the 9 Factors that Matter Most Through the Eyes of Admissions Officers & how these factors are used in determining your teen’s chance of admission
  • Learn how to calculate the REAL GPA that colleges will be using for admission (hint…it’s not on your teen’s high school transcript!)
  • Evaluate your teen’s extracurricular involvement & how to “fill in holes”
  • Discover the 6 personal characteristics that colleges are seeking in qualified candidates
  • Identify your teen’s strengths and weaknesses and commit to focusing on your teen’s personal growth
  • Design a personalized test preparation plan
  • Discover the secret of choosing the best test prep for your teen & how to identify which test is best ACT v. SAT
  • Learn all about whether or not your teen should take the PSAT, Subject Tests, AP, IB, etc.
  • Understand test-optional, test-blind, test flexible, and once and for all have clarity on what to do about testing!
  • And so much more!

The Academic Plan

In Module 3, The Academic Plan, you will:

  • Design a plan that meets your family’s core values, builds on your student's strengths, and allows for a balanced high school experience
  • Uncover the secrets behind what selective colleges really look for in their academic review
  • Learn Lisa’s 5 Guiding Principles to design the best high school plan for your unique teen
  • Map out a 2, 3, or 4 year plan, step by step, subject by subject, with the specific expertise of a college admissions strategist
  • Learn to think like an admissions officer as you make critical academic decisions that will ultimately make or break your teen's chance of admission
  • Get honest, straight-forward answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to academic advising
  • Learn how to advocate for your teen’s best interest if he or she is misplaced or not recommended for the courses that matter most
  • Know exactly what to ask your student’s academic advisor or high school counselor to ensure your student’s best interest is always put first!

You’re going to feel so much better about it all. And the better YOU feel, the BETTER your teen will feel!


Selective Admission Case Studies

In Module 4, Selective Admission Case Studies, you will:

  • Uncover the secrets of the “business” of college admission
  • Peel back the curtain and see exactly how decisions are made when I teach the 3 Pillars of Application Review
  • Discover the 2 most important criteria in selective college admission
  • Evaluate your teen’s extracurricular interests through the eyes of admissions officers
  • Learn exactly how to identify a college’s institutional priorities and how this affects your teen’s chance of admission
  • Learn all about the high school profile and how colleges use it to evaluate your teen's candidacy
  • Participate in admissions case studies to see first hand how all the factors come into play when college’s are making decisions

The Ins and Outs of College List Building

In Module 5, The Ins and Outs of College List Building, you will:

  • Learn the top 3 Mistakes parents make in the college list building process
  • Discover how to lay the best foundation for an ideal college search
  • Learn how to correctly categorize schools into reach, competitive, and good bets to ensure your teen is applying to colleges with varying levels of selectivity
  • Discover exactly how to build the perfect college list & why it does not begin with naming colleges of interest
  • Learn how to manage expectations and your role in the list building process
  • Identify and prioritize the most important factors in your teen’s college search
  • Learn exactly how to plan and have the best campus visits that go behind the scenes of the traditional campus tour
  • Explore 3 of the best college research tools to help you design and research the perfect list


GREAT NEWS…because you attended the LIVE masterclass, I’ve got a VERY special GIFT just for you

Enroll by Thursday, September 29th at 9pm PDT & you’ll get…


The Hunt For The Perfect College!

This fabulous workshop will help your teen figure out FAST what they want & need in their college experience!
  • The results of this hands-on workshop with your teen will guide all of your college search & selection conversations

  • Engage your teen in a guided, meaningful, low-pressure college conversation to get them fired up and engaged in this process

  • Help your teen build massive awareness of what colleges even offer

  • Discover the 50+ factors that MUST go into your teen’s college search

  • Help your teen feel confident making the final college selection

  • Discover an easy way to expand or narrow down a college list

  • Get your teen to open up & articulate exactly what they’re thinking about college

  • Feel confident that your family is picking the right colleges that perfectly FIT your teen’s interests, aptitudes, and goals

  • Discover how to choose colleges that align with your family's priorities and parameters

  •  Get you and your teen on the same page when it comes to the 5 non-negotiable factors that will guide your entire college search process

  • The information you get from this workshop will be the only blueprint you need to design a well-rounded, ideally matched college list


"Fact: the college admissions process is one of selectivity and evaluation. TAF has changed what that means to me though. I now see that it isn’t only the colleges that get to be selective. We get to be selective FIRST. My senior is deep into research and we are absolutely being choosy about which schools will get our attention and her application. Based on our “top 5” from The Hunt we have rejected some great schools (just like great schools will reject some great applicants based on poor fit). This feels empowering. Yes, the schools get to be selective but we get to be selective FIRST which makes this process feel exciting instead of intimidating.

Thanks again Lisa McLaughlin!"


Get ready to engage in an interactive, 90 minute workshop WITH YOUR TEEN that will set the stage for an ideal college search and selection process!

Watch your teen take the reins as Lisa guides both you and your teen through a highly engaging, thought-provoking (and FUN!) activity that will help your teen to clearly articulate exactly what he or she wants in a college.

We go far past college factors like the size of school, geographic location, weather preferences, choice of major, and the criteria most families use to design a list. There are 50+ other college factors to consider!

Let’s get your teen INVOLVED in the college list building process and fired up to find the best schools.

This is the only blueprint you need to design a well-rounded, ideally matched college list and the results will guide all of your college list building conversations.


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You get:
  • 12 Months of Access to the Admissions Formula Online Classroom (expires 09/30/2023)
  • 65 Engaging Video Lessons within 5 Modules
  • 3 Months of Personalized Q&A & Support in our Private The Admissions Formula Facebook Community
  • 3 Personalized Group Coaching Q&A Sessions with Lisa McLaughlin
  • The Admissions Formula Workbook
  • Peace of Mind!

You'll also get immediate, on-demand access (a just-press-play recording) of Lisa’s exclusive 90 minute Hunt For The Perfect College Student/Parent Workshop to use over and over again with your teenagers on their college search & selection journey! ($197 value)

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About Lisa McLaughlin, M.Ed.

Founder/CEO of The Admissions Formula

Professionally, Lisa’s career in admissions counseling began 28 years ago as a middle school college-readiness tutor serving low-income youth while a student at UC Santa Barbara. 

After graduating with a B.A. in English, Lisa returned to UCSB for a Master’s Degree in Education and English teaching credential. Her five years of specific English teaching experience at both the middle and high school levels honed her ability to teach students strategies for writing college admissions and scholarship essays.

She went on to become the lead coordinator of a college readiness program for students in grades 6-12 where she planned and led various college tours, assisted students with college applications and admissions essays, prepared students for the rigors of advanced high school courses, met with college admissions representatives, led national staff development all over the United States and developed relationships with directors of admissions at higher educational institutions throughout the country. During this time, she became an application reader for The University of California where she broadened her understanding of holistic application review and saw first-hand the “business” of college admission.

Lisa ended her public education tenure as a high school administrator.

In 2004, she launched EDvantage Consulting, Inc., where she has provided thousands of families with a comfortable environment in which educational goals are broadened and students are motivated to achieve their highest academic and emotional potentials.

For the last three decades, Lisa has empowered students and parents to take control of their own college admissions process. Encouraging self-advocacy, bringing a wealth of college admissions knowledge to critical planning conversations, and providing families with the highest level of personalization and expertise has been the firm's mission.

A teacher at heart, Lisa greatly enjoys both the 1:1 personalized approach to counseling, as well as group coaching and presenting college admissions information in a way that greatly resonates with both students and parents. The path to college admission doesn’t need to feel so overwhelming. This is why Lisa created The Admissions Formula, to help parents to calmly navigate a process that’s frankly gotten way out of control.

Lisa was one of the founding Orange County, CA’s professional members of IECA, the Independent Educational Consultants Association. She was also one of seven IECA members selected to be on IECA's College Committee. In 2010, Lisa was appointed a position by Roger Rossier to USC's School Counseling Advisory Board. She also supervised counseling interns from Chapman University's School Counseling program.

Her dedication to providing the most comprehensive and up to date college admissions information and support compels her passion to continuously develop relationships with college admissions reps., high school counselors, and colleagues throughout the nation.

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Create your teen’s perfect path to college without all the stress and worry!