Do you want to know what matters most through the eyes of a college admissions officer?

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The average admissions reader will spend just 5 minutes reviewing your teen's entire college application.

 5 minutes.

He or she knows exactly what to look for in those 300 seconds, as the decision is made whether or not to admit or to deny.

Do you know what goes into your teen's application review?

There are 9 Factors That Matter THE MOST.

Without an understanding of how these 9 factors are ranked and how they work together, you may be guiding your teen down the wrong path.

You may think you understand what’s most important to colleges, but do you really KNOW?

That's the challenge with college admissions; parents often just "don't know what you don't know."

Now more than ever, it’s critical to get advice from an expert who intimately understands what goes into the application review process.

There’s a LOT of misinformation and contradictory FREE advice. But how do you know if the advice you’re getting is the TRUTH or straight up fiction?

As a college admissions strategist, I’ve spent 25 years in the trenches.

I’m a veteran application reader.

I’ve helped thousands of families get the insight they need to help build their teen's strongest case for admission.

I intimately know what matters most.

AND the more you know, the more doors to admission will open for your teen.

In my 30 minute on-demand masterclass, Through the Eyes of An Admissions Officer, you'll gain my insider advice to arm yourself with the right answers to 20 FAQs and many more through my expert analysis of the 9 Factors That Matter Most in college admission decisions!

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“I printed the pre-test and had my son do it. He was way off on some key things (literally ranked the most important thing as the least important) and it drove some really good conversations between us. I think this is a crucial thing to do as our students are selecting courses as it might change their decisions.
It definitely put my son on a different path in terms of where he puts his energy!”


Maybe you're wondering...   

  •  Is it better to earn an A in a regular class or a lower grade in an honors/AP class?
  • What high school classes are included in the GPA colleges will use to determine admission?
  • Do freshman year grades matter?
  • Should my teen take SAT subject tests?
  • How do I know if the SAT or ACT is better?
  • How important are college essays and what purpose do they serve?
  •  Why do COLLEGES even care about FIT?
  •  How many hours of community service make a difference?
  • What is demonstrated interest and how does it factor in to a college’s decision?
  • Who is the best teacher to write my teen's recommendation?
  • How many recommendation letters are ideal?
  •  Are interviews required?
  •  How important are AP/IB Exams for admission?

The RIGHT answers to these questions and dozens more are 30 minutes away in my Through The Eyes of An Admissions Officer Masterclass for just $27.

(value $99)  

Imagine what it will be like when you know exactly what matters most so you can stop second-guessing and start feeling confident about the decisions you’re making for and with your teen to increase his or her chances of admission.

If you're serious about opening more doors for your teen and increasing college options,


Let’s get you clear on WHAT MATTER MOST.

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A Note From Lisa McLaughlin, Your Presenter

 Hi Friends- 

After 25 years of working in the field of college admissions, I'm committed to setting the record straight. 

I'm a straight shooter. And, I'm completely unapologetic about that. Especially when it comes to "saying it like it is" in order to ensure college bound students and families get the most real, raw, honest, and trustworthy expertise to make informed higher educational decisions.  

I know that talking about college admissions can feel tough. One of the main sources of angst is the seemingly innocuous delivery of misinformation via the parking lot, the media, and through plenty of other unsolicited advisors. Myth blurs fact and it's hard to know what or whom to believe!  

So, I'm here to have REAL college conversations. To provide crystal-clear advice that is the right advice, every single time.  

No more elephant in the room. Let's dispel myths and get the facts on the table. Let's talk college and help our youth feel more optimistic and less stressed about the prospect of college. Let's acknowledge that the journey for you, as parents, is as new for you as it is for your teen. And help everyone to feel CONFIDENT! 

I can't promise that some of the information I share won't provoke a bit of unease, but keep in mind the purpose is to inform and arm you with the college expertise you need in order to ask the right questions and have the right conversations.  

I genuinely look forward to engaging you with tremendously valuable insight and having a bit of fun along the way!  

It's easy to fan the flames; and it's my responsibility to put them out. Let's do this! 


Lisa McLaughlin


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